smith1 Mrs. Smith
W.D. Spigner Elementary Reading teacher aide
To all of the Teachers,
  I have really enjoyed working with your students.  I hope that you have found some improvement in your student's reading.  They have been the greatest, they do try very hard in their work. The students was not for sure about begining in the reading room.  They was afraid about what the other students was going to say about them.  When they realized that it was not as bad as they thought, they loosen up, and they were anxious to learn more about how to read.  About 3 or 4 weeks the students that was not coming to reading room, they wanted to come too.  I have really enjoyed working with your student.  I hope next year I will be able to work with your next coming up class that needs that speacial help.  If I,m here next year, always remember that I will do any that you need me to do to help with his/her reading.  I am willing to help the students here in our school.  I care for thier education, and I,m willing to help them to suceed in life.

                                 Christy Smith
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