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                              Welcome To Our Chemistry Class Page

 This page will be updated approximately once every two weeks to keep students and parents current on assignments and class events.  You can use this page to email me, to link on to other science based internet websites, or to try games and activities that I have created for my students to practice and have fun learning chemistry.

This week we will wrap up our introductory unit and dive into the heart of chemistry, the atom.  If you have a book at home you can start looking at chapter 3.

If you have time scroll down to links and check out one of our career projects that a student in our second hour class created.  Students were asked to investigate a career in chemistry, and this one was put on a web site.
It is an outstanding project!

Chem (9/17)
Day 1- Phys. vs. Chem Lab
Day 2- Math in chemistry
Day 3-Study guide review game
Day 4-  Test (9/21)

Chem (sneak preview of next week):
Day1 -  Paul Hewitt Video- Atoms
Day 2-  Getting to know elements  names
Day 3-  Discovering electricity
Day 4-  Rutherford Lab

"Teachers and learners are correlates, one of which was never intended to be without the other."- Jonathon Edwards
My Quia activities and quizzes
General Chemistry Hangman
Have some fun with chemistry vocabulary terms
Review your atoms knowledge, great study guide
Chemistry Pre-test
Online pretest- first assignment
General Chemistry Hangman
Can you guess what it is????
Useful links
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