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Riverwood Middle School ACC Life Science

You will be required to choose a project question, reasearch it, conduct an experiment, collect the data, create a visual about the data, and finally draw conclusions about your research.  Your project can deal with any area of science.  Your question must show a relationship among variables and can not include people.

You must follow these instructions:
1. Prepare a trifold board no larger than 18 inches tall and 36 to 48 inches wide to display project.
2.  All steps must be displayed on the board.
3.  The project question should be the title of your project.
4.  Research information about your subject and type your findings.
5.  Prepare and type a hypothesis using the "If....,then..." format.
6.  State and describe all controls and variables.
7.  List your detailed procedure in a typed outline.
8.  Type at least a paragraph that explains your conclusions and reflections of the project.
9.  Data should be displayed in a chart or graph.
10.  Include a proper Works Cited.  Guidelines will be discussed in class.
11.  You must include at least 3 photographs that show the progress of your project. You will need to be included in at least one picture.  This eliminates the need to bring the materials of your project to school.
12. Your grade will be determined by accuracy, following directions, neatness, and presentation.

Good Topic: Do chemical fertilizers affect the growth of bean plants?

Bad topic: Motors

Good topic: Does the amount of artificial light affect the growth of a plant?

*****There will be class time spent on some aspects of this project.

The following dates are subject to change:
1/3, 1/4    Project topic research
1/4 (EOC)   Research question due with
           variables identified
1/7         Procedure due
1/7-1/18    Collect data
1/22        Project Due
1/22-1/24   Presentations

You may use the following site to help you choose a topic.  These topics may NOT be in the proper format, but you may reword them to make them appropriate.  Also, when choosing a topic, please consider the time that you will have to conduct your experiment.   If your project is not researchable, meaning you can not base at least some of your project on existing information, then you can not do it!Stretch your brain!!!!

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