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3 Ring Binder
Blue or Black Pens
Tab Dividers
Loose Leaf Paper
Spanish Dictionary (Optional)

Course Description

Spanish Three Pacing Guide

My Quia activities and quizzes
04 - Food - Jeopardy
4 El desayuno (pictures)
Aventura 1 Lesson 13 - Food and Drink
Aventura 1 Lesson 13 - Food & Drink
Food and drink
Food and Drinks
Cosas para la mesa (5B)
carne y pescado
Carnes (Intermediate)
Comida (Span 1/2)
verduras y frutas
Future Tense in Spanish
The future tense in Spanish.
Future Tense Change-Up Challenge
Future Tense Quiz
3.1.2 El futuro
III Futuro
4 El desayuno (pictures)
El desayuno
En Español 2 Unidad 2 Etapa 3 (food vocabulary)
Food and drink
Food and drink
La Comida - Food -
Las bebidas
Legumbres y Acompaniamientos
¿Qué pongo en la mesa?
¿ Qué prefieres para el desayuno?
06 - Clothing - Concentration and Flashcards
06 - Clothing - Jeopardy
09 - Body - Millionaire
2-3 Los Números 1-199
2-3 Los Números 1-199
3. Clothing Matching
3. Clothing Matching
Body Parts (Los partes del cuerpo)
Cultura de Espana y Andalucia
Do you know your numbers to 1000?
S1 C1 Snacks and Beverages
Spanish parts of the body
Useful links
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