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Your grade is based on the ACTFL guidelines for Performance toward Proficiency. We will be reviewing what that means and what you can do at a Intermediate Low or Mid Performance toward Proficiency level.



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My Quia activities and quizzes
5/6 Vocabulario
Tener and Dar idioms
Los Verbos Comunes
All Preterite Verbs
-AR Verbs in the Preterite Tense
El Pretérito (Conjugaciones)
Practice with -ar verbs in preterite
Preterit vs Imperfect
Preterite review ar, car, gar,zar
preterito challenge
Reflexive verbs in the preterite in Spanish.
Regular Preterite Verbs - AR -ER-IR
Mandatos w/Reflexive pronouns
Mandatos (con negativos)
Mandatos informales afirmativos #1
Mandatos informales afirmativos #2
POSITION WORDS/prepositions
Preposiciones y Adverbio de lugar
Por o Para
3-U1E2 por vs para
3.1.2 Por vs. Para
por y para Uses
Un Día de Estos
Verbs Like Gustar
El arco de Balam-Acab
El subjuntivo vs. el infinitivo
02 Regular Subjunctive Verbs
2.3.3 El subjuntivo
Verbos irregulares del subjuntivo
Imagen y Salud
La salud de Julia
MASTERY 3: UNIT 8 La salud (2)
Avan 4 U2 L1 Grammar preterite vs. imperfect
Sp 7-8 & AP S3Y Capt. 1
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