snowtreasure Mrs. Malm
East Woods School
1.  When you are ready to take a quiz, go to or click on the "Quiz Session Log-In" below these instructions.

2.  Enter the name of the quiz you want to take exactly as it appears on the instructions you took from your blue or green folder.

3.  Enter your first AND last name. Hit start.

4.  Take the quiz and then click on submit when you are finished.

5.  You may print the chapter quizzes and write your responses if you do not wish to type your answers.
My Quia activities and quizzes
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Snow Treasure Chapter Quiz (Chapters 1-7)
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Snow Treausre Chapter Quiz (Chapters 8-14)
Snow Treasure Vocabulary 7-14: session st vocabulary 2
Snow Treasure Vocabuarly Quiz Ch. 7-14
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