french 4 final
1.  Review all verb and grammar packets and stories

2.  Review all verb tenses:  present, passe-compose, imparfait, reflexives, dr mrs vandertrampp, subjunctive, futur, conditionnel, plus-que-parfait, conditionnel passe, and futur sure to review irregulars

3.  Review all the planets visited by Le Petit Prince

4.  Review Cosette et Marius

5.  Review Tom Pouce

6.  Think about le film Au Revoir Les Enfants and be prepared to answer a few questions and/or a discussion question related to the content and subject.

Move on down the page and work through some review exercises.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Rouge - Unité 8 - Partie 1 - Le plus-que-parfait
ÂBreaking the Barrier, advanced, leçon 1
Conditional tense
The conditional tense
Jeopardy du futur simple
Future verbs
Blanc- L31 le futur: Stems changes / Irregular stems
Futur Simple STEMS
Blanc- L22 Les pronoms relatifs: "qui" et "que"
Ce qui/Ce que
IGSCE lists eating and drinking 1
IGSCE lists general notions 2
IGSCE lists School 3
Le Petit Prince - chapitres 1 et 2
Le Petit Prince Chapitre 1
Le Petit Prince Chapitre 2
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