socialproblems Ms. Joyce
Spring Creek High School
October 16, 2002

Hello Everyone!

Today I want you to scroll to the bottom of this page and go to some of the links listed there. Begin to form some ideas and opinions on your choices of debate topics. Some of these sites will also give you a better idea of resolutions/propositions.

We will be doing the following:

1. List of affirmative and negative points.

2. Key your briefs. Remember they are an outline of how you want to present your side of the argument. You need a brief for both the affirmative and the negative. Print out two copies, one for you to keep and one to turn in. Be sure your names are on your paper. If your partner is not here working with you today, do not put their name on the paper you are turning in. 3. If you complete your briefs, be sure you have your parts assigned--who speaks first, etc. Then practice what you are going to say. 4. Use your time to your advantage.


1. Write down your resolution. 2. Make two lists--one with affirmative arguments and one with negative arguments.
Useful links
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