Wow! What a year! It is hard to beleive that June is nearly here and the end is in sight.  If we look back on what we have done this past year some things stand out.  I remember at the beginning of the year when we did the Big Dig.  What fun we had, especially the day we began to unearth that "thing".  If you remember, it was a couple of large fly wheels that weighed a ton.  We never uncovered the entire machine but luckily for us, next year's new comers will have the chance.  Oh!  Do you remember when we made purple boats?  The boats were built with creative minds and willing hands.  The Phoenicians would have been proud.  How about those Hebrew songs?  Remember those? I wonder if Abraham had his own songs as he traveled to the promised land.  Do you remember that one guy I pretended to be each Friday?  How could you forget, I only reminded you EVERY Friday.  Of course it was Thurgood Marshall, the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court and a leader in Civil Rights.  Speaking of Fridays, I am glad that we had those FUN FRIDAYS.  Think of all those snacks we had from those of you who thought of us all.  Think of all that you have learned from the Bill Process to running an election.  You even got to protest outside, exercising your First Amendment right.

But above it all, the one thing I want you to remember, when I am old and gray and you are younger and gray and we meet on the streets of life, is this:  YOU have a voice in this world and YOU can make a difference.  Remember our moto, "no one can do everything, but everyone can do something."  I want to hear all your stories of how you made this world a better place.  Have fun this summer and enjoy the life your given.

Mr. Gow
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