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Welcome to NSJHS 2004-2005
  • help students study and review for tests and quizzes
  • reinforce Social Studies vocabulary
  • introduce students to new topics
  • reinforce American History concepts
  • update Jr. High Social 8 Department news
  • link students to important Internet information for research
  • update everyone on NY State Assessment news

What is Social Studies 8?
  • American History from Reconstruction review to present.

What is expected of our students?
  • Reading of assigned material
  • Willingness to work on improving writing skills with
  • Constructed response and DBQ questions.
  • Homework carefully completed and turned.
  • Cooperation and a willingness to work together toward a common goal of improving educational skills.
    Thank You.
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My Quia activities and quizzes
World War 1 Vocabulary Words 1 - 10
Eastern States
Hangman Review: Progressive Movement
Cp. 23 Progressive Words
Government Unit Test
Review Activity
Labor Union Vocabulary Pop-Up Sentences
Great vocabulary Practice
Final Exam Review Part 1 Test scheduled for Nov. 15, 2000: session testbusiness
Use the password to take practice quiz
Review Quiz: Causes of Civil War to Reconstruction
Chapter 18 The West
Vocabulary practice for the West
The Frontier West: People, Events and Vocabulary
The West - Jumbled Vocabulary Words
Chapter 19 The Growth of Industry
Vocabulary practice for Business and Industry
Chapter 20 Toward an Urban America
Cp. 21 Progressive Reforms Vocabulary
Vocabulary practice for Progressives and Reform
Chapter 22 Overseas Expansion
Vocabulary practice for Overseas Expansion and Spanish-American War
Chapter 23 World War 1
Vocabulary practice for World War 1
Chapter 24 The Jazz Age
Vocabulary practice for The 1920s - Jazz Age
Chapter 25 The Depression and FDR
Vocabulary practice for the Great Depression and FD Roosevelt
Chapter 26 World War II
Vocabulary practice for World War 2 and the 1940s
Chapter 27 The Cold War Era
Vocabulary practice for The Cold War after WW 2
Chapter 28 America in the 50s 1953 - 1960
Vocabulary practice for teh 1950s
Chapter 29 The Civil Rights Era
Vocabulary practice for the Civil Rights Era
Chapter 30 The Vietnam Era
Vocabulary practice for Vietnam War and the 1960s - early 1970s
Chapter 31 Search for Stability 1968 - 1981
Vocabulary practice for Nixon, Ford, Carter Era
Chapter 32 New Challenges
Vocabulary practice for Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr.
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