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Cicero-North Syracuse High School  
There are many library resources available to you for completing your project on Psychiatric Terminology.

Print resources:

There are several sets of Encyclopedia’s on the reference shelves to assist you in locating the assignment’s specific historical events. There are also issues of “Psychology Today” available for your projects. (Please see Mrs. Leeder if you wish to view one of these issues.)

Internet resources:

To access Internet resources on your topic, follow the instructions below:

1.   Double-Click on the Internet Explorer icon on your computer’s Desktop.

2.   Click on the Home button.

3. Click on the Resources link.

4. Click on the Library Resources link.

5. Click on the Gale Network link.

6. Click on the Proceed button.

7. Click on the Discovering Collection link.

8. You now have the option of entering a person or term into the Keyword Search, or by entering a year in the Timeline Events.

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