socstud8 Mrs. KJ
  Social Studies 8th
TUESDAY 2/19/02
Complete choice of Tests chapters 22 or 23 and 1 essay
Pick 20 (@ 2/each for a total of 80 pts)questions to answer from each Chapter's book test and respond to 2 (@ 10/each for a total of 20 pts) of the 3 study prompts listed below, essay format, providing 5 details with explanations.
        STUDY PROMPTS for both chapters 22 & 23:
1.  Recognize that all countries of the world have policies to deal with all other countries (228, p25).
2.  Identify the present relationship of the United States to major countries of the world (229, p25).
3.  Develop understanding of how events affect foreign policies  (230, p24).

Tuesday's HW:  study for test, think about Ohio History project

Complete other of two Tests chapters 22 or 23 and essay
Organize thoughts on Ohio History project

Wednesday's HW: Begin research and taking notes for project

THURSDAY 2/21/02
Time to work on project or SMG

Thursday's HW: Work on project

FRIDAY 2/12/02 Work on project or SMG
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