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Sonora High School Pam, Anspach,Tammy Beltran, Bill Hirschler, Eamon Kane, Claudia Thrift, Antonieta Vasquez
The counselinng and guidance department of Sonora High School is dedicated to the academic and affective wellbeing
of all Sonora students. The counselors, Bill Hirschler and Tammy Beltran; Career and Guidance Coordinator, Pam Anspach; and Claudia Thrift and Antonieta VAsquez, Guidance Technicians, meet with students throughout the year to discuss and plan their academic programs at SOHS and tend to their non-academic needs. Eamon Kane, Assistant Principal, oversees both the Guidance and Career programs as part of his duties supervising pupil services.

This year we will be offering parents and students a series of important information workshops and events to assist in the optimal experience for all students between their ninth and twelfth grade years.
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