soliders boris pletner
                       Brave Hearts
     The American frontline men in Afghanistan are normal men and women like you and me.  But there is something unique about them.  They are special.  They risk their lives everyday for their country, their families, and  millions of people they don’t even know.  These people are brave and courageous knowing they could get killed any moment.   That’s why my heroes are Americans.
    The Army and Marines made sure that the Americans were ready for combat.  These Americans each went through years of hard and painful training.  They individually learned everything about weapons, combat, and survival. Each of them are pure killing machines, and fearless soldiers.  That’s why America sent them to Afghanistan.
     These Americans are ordinary human beings. They were not born for battles and wars and trained to kill as kids like the Spartans.  That’s what makes them really special.  These soldiers risk everything they have to protect and serve us.  That’s what makes them a true heroes.
     The true American heroes that are in Afghanistan are fearless soldiers who will never be forgotten.  They will be in our loving memories forever.  Those soldiers all deserve the greatest respect for there heroic qualities.  They should all get medals that symbolize their heroism and compassion.
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