somsel Mrs. Somsel
Bremen Elementary-Middle School  
Welcome to the class page for Language Arts and Spelling
This week we are studying Lesson 1 in the spelling workbook,
Spelling and Vocabulary.
Monday- Pretest 1.   Assignment for Tuesday: pages 12 and 13

Tuesday-  Grade pages 12 and 13.  Assignment for Wednesday:  Page 14

Wednesday-  Grade page 14:  Assignment for Thursday:  Page 15

Thursday-  Grade page 15:  Assignments for Friday: 1) Page 16
2) Study for the two spelling tests.  (One is a multiple choice test;  the other is a dictation test.)

Your spelling grade will consist of three equal parts: 1)workbook,  2) Test A,  and 3) Test B.  You may earn extra credit by writing the words you miss on the tests five times each.  Other extra credit opportunities will be found in the spelling lessons.
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