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Journal - The value of compassion cannot be over-emphasized.  Anyone can criticize.  It takes a true believer to be compassionate.  
Collect Technical Week Reading Logs
Write an interpretation of Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" on page 50
Crossword of poetic terms
If time.... Vocab practice on p. 79
If time allows....
Vocab practice p. 79
If time, Begin Marigolds p. 82 in text

SSR/Reading Log
Read/Finish Marigolds - p. 82
Review the questions in discussion
H.W.  Writing prompt  "That ______ is the way it was, and that made this __________ difference.  Examples:
When I found out the power I hd for harming others, I became a careful driver.
Because my father was an optimist who loved adventure, I grew up learning to turst myself.
Two parts to this essay... the way and the difference.
or imitate the form, or the theme, or the images from Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken"

1.  Write a poem imitating Robert Frost.   Using the poem "The Road Not Taken"  as
your model, write a poem using the same theme (how we make decisions and what the outcomes are) or/and a poem using the same form (5 line stanzas with a rhyme scheme of abaab and each line about nine syllables long) or/and a poem using many of the same images (yellow wood, undergrowth, grass,  roads, morning, black).


2.  Write a Cause and Effect essay.  This essay is a logical extension of both the poem and story we read this week.   Because Frost chose the path that he did, it has made "all the difference"….. because Lizabeth has matured and understands why Miss Lottie planted marigolds, she plants them now herself.

You are to write a composition of at least two main paragraphs in length, not including the introduction and conclusion.   The thesis or central idea for this composition should be something similar to the following:

1.  When I found out the power I had for harming others, I became a careful driver.

2.  Because my father was an optimist who loved adventure, I grew up learning to trust myself.

Please feel the rhythm in these ideas; it is not dissimilar to the rhythm we felt in our comparison/contrast essay.

The first part in the above thesis statements is the cause;  the second part is the effect.  What I want you to do is create a thesis statement about your own life experiences, modeled on the above examples.  Use the cause (the first part of your thesis statement) as the topic for your first major section of the paper - your first paragraph.  Use the effect (the second part of your thesis statement) as the topic for your second major section of the paper - your second paragraphs.

Give your  paper an interesting introduction and conclusion. 


Writer composition in halfs...
Vocabulary study (see above - what went incomplete)

SSR/Reading Log
Complete the composition....
Published copy


quiz on Frost's life/ Road not Taken/Marigolds

Monday, March 12

Than half of signior Benedicks words in Don Johns mouth and half of Don Johns melancholy in signior Benedicks face would be youre ideal mate teased Leonato

Paragraph - new person speaking
Possession - singular nouns
Redundancy - Of is redundant after half
Often confused words - then/than
Homophone - your
Punctuation - need for question mark in question
Verb tense - correct use of conditional (Use conditional tense only if the action has not yet happened.  Do not substitute for the past tense.)

Tuesday, March 13

and with a virile leg and a good foot uncle and money in his pocket to continued Beatrice like she wasn’t interrupted.  A man such as than would win any woman in the world if he could get her to accede.

Paragraph - new person
Commas - direct address; "too" meaning also
Coordinating conjunctions do not begin sentences
Verb tense - pluperfect/pastperfect
Like vs. As
Pronoun - he
Punctuation - dash needed to denote a break.. don’t end quotationmarks for a quote which will end in the next Caught’ya.

Wednesday, March 14

and I dont want anyone that has a beard on his face neither Beatrice warmed up to her diatribe.  He that has a beard is more then a youth.  He which has no beard is less than a men.  He that is more than a youth is not for me he that is less then a man I am not for him.

monologue, humor, metaphor
paragraph - slight subject change
Commas - quote; odd word order
extra word
Correlative conjunctions - either
Relative pronouns - who/whom/that/which
Often confused words
Punctuation - semicolon in a compound sentence.

Thursday, March 15

On my word niece you never will get a husband and marry if you are such a shrew with your tongue and so shrewd with your wit admonished Leonato fondly.  400 years ago womens rights did not exist.

Alliteration, play on words; narrator aside
2 paragraphs - new person speaking; narrator aside
Commas - interjection; direct address; quote; optional comma after "ago" for introductory adverb
Capitalization - niece
Splitting verbs
Spelling rule - i…
Parallel construction

Friday, March 16

Beatrice responded well I dont plan to ever marry and my nuptial day will never arrive and there is no man for me and me and my virtue will go to heaven as a maid.

commas - quote; introductory word
Run-on sentence
Splitting verb
Subject/verb agreement - "man"
Italics - emphasis of a word
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