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MCE Parents:
Please be sure to check your child's progress report. Progress reports were sent home with the report cards on Wednesday, January 9.  Please call me or Ms. Miller if you would like to discuss your child's report or general progress in speech.

Some children have received homework assignments.Please check your child's back pack for speech homework, or ask your child if any homework for speech needs to be completed. We couldn't make as much progress without parent support--thank you!

Also,please read about some of the activities we have been doing in speech in the Alligator Action publication.  There's a section that Ms. Miller and Ms. Steinke contribute to called "Speech Scoop."

MCE Gators:
You have done very well using the new reward system in Ms. Steinke's room.  So far, the favorite choice of rewards have been soda, candy, or lunch with Ms. Steinke. Sitting in the teacher chair, choosing the game, taking shoes off, and drawing on the board are the second group of favorites.  Keep on working toward your rewards.

Congratulations Graduates!

The following students have graduated from speech, either in the spring or fall of 2001:

Katlyn Brents       Christian Ortiz         Danielle Parker
Spencer Suarez      Bianca Fernandez        Nathan Owens
Amber Love          Emily Adams             Kyle Daigrepont
My Quia activities and quizzes
idiom game for speech students, grades 4-5Parents
3rd grade /r/
practice your good /r/ as you find the words
synonym word search ("th" sound)
work on the "th" sound or work on synonyms
Hangman - 2nd grade spelling words 4th six weeks
practice /r/ and /s/ sounds as you guess letters to spell the words
2nd grade /s/ words
practice the /s/ and /z/ sound as you find the words
hangman - 2nd grade words - /l/ sound
practice the /l/ sound as you guess letters to spell the word
3rd grade /s/ words
practice the /s/ sound as you find and circle the words
4th grade /s/ words
practice the /s/ sound as you find and circle the words
3rd grade "th" spelling words
practice the "th" words as you circle them
3rd grade /l/ spelling words
practice the /l/ words as you circle them
4th grade /r/ spelling words
practice the /r/ words as you circle them
weather words - 5th grade
guess words from weather vocabulary
guess words from 3rd grade spelling list
Hangman "th" words
guess letters to spell "th" words
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