sp1120oral2 Reine
Florida State University Spanish Instructor
Possible situations for Oral #2
*Please note that all conversations should last from 2-3 minutes with no pauses or breaks in the conversation.

1.  While waiting to see your Spanish professor, you carry on a brief conversation with another student. Find out how the student is feeling, what courses he/she is taking this semester, where he/she studies, and other information about him/her. The other student will do the same for you. Afterwards compare and contrast your information.

2.  Explain who your best friend is and what he/she is like.  Describe your best friend in as much detail as possible. You will then ask your partner about their best friend and after he/she describes him/her, you will compare and contrast your best friends.

3.  Secribe in as much detail as possible what you are like. Ask your partner to describe his/herself.  You will then compare and contrast you nationalites, physical appearances,and character traits.

4.  Describe some activities that you do, do not do, or should do in the morning, afternoon and evening.  After your partner responds with his/her version, compare and contrast your activities.

5.  You are at a party. You and anthor guest introduce yourselves. Make small talk with each other by asking where sh/she is from, where he/she lives, what he/she is studying,

6.  Find out some information about your new friend. Ask him/her specific questions such as where he/she is from, where he/she lives, what his/her family is like, what kinds of things he/she does when he/she is not at school.

7.  You and your friend decide to travel. Discuss which cities and countries you want to travel, where you will stay when you get there, activities you will do when you get there, etc.

8.  Describe your family. Give their names, ages, nationalites, professions, etc. Describe their physical appearances and character traits. Talk about the places you like to go together and the things you like to do there.  Your partner will respond about his/her family and then you will compare and contrast them.

9.  Describe your schedule for a typical school day. Discuss when and where you study, have classes, eat work, chat with friends etc. You partner will do the same and then you will compare and contrast your days.

10.  Convince your parent (played by your partner) that the person you are going out with is just a friend, not a new boyfriend/girlfriend, and that he/she is respectable.  Also convince him/her to give you some money and let you stay out past your curfew.

11.  Describe a particular party or celebration in your family. Explain who plans the party, who the guests are, where the party usually takes place, and what you do during the party. Ask your partner and his/her family party or celebration and then compare and contrast them.

12.  Describe a typical week this semester. Explain what you do on the various days.  Include classes, work, meals, leisure-time activities, and other events that occupy your time.  Ask your partner about his/her typcial week and then the both of you will compare and contrast your days.

13.  Discuss your summer plans with your classmate. Tell if you are going to study, work, rest, or visit family and/or friends. Explain what you are going to do during the week and on weekends.  Describe any special plans you may have.  Ask your partner about his/her summer plans and then compare and contrast your plans.

14.  Discuss the important dates and events in your life and/or in the life of your family. Explain why each day is important and what you do to celebrate it. Ask your partner about the special dates and events in his/her life ans then compare and contrast those days.

15. Your classmate invites you to a party.  Ask him/her what day the party will be held, when it starts, who will be there, what kind of party it is, and any other pertinent information you need to know.  Then accept or decline the invitation and give your reasons why.
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