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For this oral evaluation you and your partner(s) (in some cases there are three to a group).  The following are the situations that you will be asked.  I will choose the situation for you on Tuesday March 20 when you and your partner come to take the exam.  The exam will take place in my office in 001 Dodd.  Although you will be working with a partner, each student is graded on an individual basis according to his/her fluency, grammar, and content. (See web page for exact criteria) THIS EXAM MAY NOT BE MADE UP! If you are not there, you will receive a 0.  Remember that we will not be in the language lab that day, we will be in my office!

SECTION 12                                  SECTION 2
Pascale & Erica                             Dekela & Joi
Mandy & Dan B.                              Don & Ben
Cydne & Adolfo                              Liz & Geraldine
Andres & Carla                              Kevin & Vanessa
Richie & Bill                               Jennifer & Michael
Erin & Chris                                Melissa & Kim
Robin & Joshua                              Beth & Damien
Dan P. & Carlos                             Ed & Samantha
Martine, Hunter & Samantha                  Mark & Adam
                                           Vania, Brandon, Casey

*Please note that all conversations should last from 3-4 minutes with no pauses or breaks in the conversation.

1.  You are a famous chef being interviewed by a local newspaper reporter (played by your partner). Tell in what restaurant you work and describing your specialty.  Explain what you cook for yourself when you are not working in the restaurant.  Answer any and all other questions the reporter asks.

2.  Talk about your university career. Explain why you chose this university and when you first enrolled in it.  Explain in which school or college you are enrolled and what your major is.  Tell what courses you are takign and when you plan to graduate.  Ask your partner about his/her university career then compare and contrast your majors.

3.  Describe what your life was like when you were small. describe where you lived and what your family was like. Tell about what, where, and with whom you played.  Ask your partner questions about his/her childhood and then compare and contrast your lives as children.

4.You and your classmate discuss interests and pastimes. Find out the following information about each other: what each likes to do in their free time, what activities each does not like, what types of movies each likes to see, what kind of books interest each of you, what each prefers to do or go on weekends, what interests each of you in and around the university, etc.

5.  You want to check out of your hotel. You go to the desk clerk (played by your partner) and ask for the bill. You notice that you have been charged for a breakfast you never ate and a phine call you never made.  Clear up th e problem with the clerk (who is not too happy about this), pay your bill, return the room key and say good-bye.
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