C.L. Jones Middle School fifth grade teacher
Welcome to 5th grade
Room 209
April 9th-May 23rd

Fourth Quarter Information

****Last day for AR Wednesday, May 21st.

****End of fourth quarter Friday, May 23rd.

****AR Movie Thursday, May 22nd.

****Report cards go home Friday, May 23rd..

Reading Logs Due Every Monday
My Quia activities and quizzes
Types of Rocks
Matching game reviewing types of rocks and minerals, weathering, erosion, deposition, delta, and the rock cycle.
Changing Earth
Review of items taught in earth science unit. (Earth Layers, Mountian Building, Plates, Volcanoes, Earthquakes)
Which Law Is It?
Discovering the Branches of the United States Government and how they function.
Using Bes Guide.Gov, students will complete a scavenger hunt on the branches of government and their functions.
Economics Vocabulary Hangman
Economics Quiz
Useful links
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