span101 Señora MacMillan
Midlands Tech Community College Spanish Instructor
Bienvenidos Clase a Quia.

Take advantage of this opportunity to practice your vocabulary.

Each quiz is worth 5 points.  Take your quiz HONESTLY and without cheating.  Remember, I consider the honor code with these quizzes.  Take the quiz ONLY ONCE!  I will be reviewing your scores periodically to determine areas that need further review in class.

Click on the link for quiz sessions and fill out your name and the name of the session.

The quiz sessions are as follows:
Lección 1 -
Basic Greetings            The Class
My Classroom               Class Schedule

Lección 2 -
The Store                  The Mall
Shopping Food              Clothing Store

Lección 3 -
The_Family (*note underscore is necessary)
The House                  Household Chores

Buena Suerte.

Sra. MacMillan
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