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Español 2 - Actividades del 15 de septiembre (semana 2), 2006:

Bienvenidos  Welcome to your Spanish 2 Webpage

Today your assignment during this library visit is to accomplish two things, take the vocabulary quiz and practice using the Conjuguemos website.  When you complete those two tasks you may use the practice activities below, in particular you should begin reviewing next week's vocabulary which is from section 1.2.  Please follow the directions below in the order they are listed. 

1. Take the vocabulary quiz which is the first activity listed below.

2. After the vocab. quiz, scroll down to the link for Conjuguemos at the bottom of the page.  Once at the site sign in with the same username and the password you created on Monday.  If you were absent on Monday or are new to the class you will create a new password to use on both sites.  Take the quiz first and then go to conjuguemos and create your new password there.  Raise your hand and Sra. Bickford will help you.

3. At the Conjuguemos site, click on My Teacher's Activities" Once you have sent your timed Conjuguemos practices to Sra. Bickford you may use any of the practice activities listed below. Particulary useful are the vocabulary practice activities.  Your vocabulary for next week is Vocab. 1.2 (pg. 8 in your workbook) and it is the last activity on the list.  You might want to begin working on those words.

If you have not yet taken the student survey, be sure to do that after you work on Conjuguemos.

Lastly, remember to behave yourself in the library or you will be taken off the computer and given a written assignment to do instead.  You should work for the entire time.  Do not sign out and pack up your things until you have been told to do so. 

Que tengas un buen fin de semana.  There is no school on Monday!

Sra. Bickford

P.S.  Remember that you can access this page at anytime and see your current and past weeks' homework by clicking on the calendar.
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