span4 Sr. Bamford
Moon High School  
Esta semana en nivel 4- Oct 16-20
16.10.00 lunes
1. Review test
2.  7 points bonus assignment given.  Due Wednesday.
17.10.00 martes
1) Practice reflexive verbs.
2)  new text page 73/ old page   66.
3)  In class we will answer text new page 73 A,B, & C.
    (old all exercises page 66-67)
Tarea- WB page 12 A, B, & C.
18.10.00- miercoles
Pracice giving commands- remember the good old subjunctive?

1) In class we will:  review new text page 75-76/old 68-69.
2)  Answer text new page 76 A and 77 B./Old 69-70.
3)  We will finish reading about the huelga WB page 11.

Tarea:  WB 11 1-5
WB  D Mandatos formal ONLY

19.10.00 jueves

Today we go onto discuss the tu (informal commands)

1.  Correct homework.
2.  Read and discuss text page n77-78/o70-71
3.  In class answer text new A page 78 and old p. 71.

What happens to negative tu commands?
Tarea:  WB D mandatos Mandatos informales

20.10.00 viernes-

Take time to email me and tell me the negative tu command and earn 2 bonus points.   Deadline is Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.

Practice with Commands and reflexive verbs.  I will work on a nice exercise that will hopefully bring this together.
We will have a test on this next Tuesday.  Start to study now.  Adios!
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