spanclass Senorita Bryant
Millington High School Spanish One Instructor
Work on the games and quizzes to help you study.  I will post messages from time to time to let you know what will serve as extra credit! Keep checking this page, as I'll update it often.

Some of the other Spanish games may help you--feel free to play the others that are available from the home page.

EXTRA CREDIT: bring in yarn (1 or 2) for 5 points each.
My Quia activities and quizzes
chapter 4 paso 1
Play flashcards, concentration, and matching, and wordsearch
chapter 4 paso 2
Flashcards, concentration, matching, and wordsearch
chapter 4 paso 2
Work on your spelling with Hangman!
chapter 4 paso 3
Telling location
el mes del negro
Los Verbos
Things you should know: South America
Things you should know--Mexico and Central Am.
possession with de
Useful links
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