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-ar Verbs Battleships!
Practice your -ar verbs
-ar -er and -ir: Present Tense Regular Verbs in Spanish
Practice regular verbs
Una chica muy aburrida
Practice the forms of the verb "ser"
La historia sigue marchando...
Practice your big numbers along with a little history
Stem-changer or not?
Do these verbs change their stems?
Stem-changing columns
Practice your stem-changing verbs
Los nĂºmeros 100-1000
Practice big numbers
Vocabulario--los verbos regulares -ar, -er, -ir
Practice what these verbs mean
"Estar" in the present tense
Practice "estar"
Spanish Subject Pronouns
Practice subject pronouns
Spanish Plurals
Practice your pluralization
Gender of Spanish Nouns
Practice gender in Spanish
Stem-changing verbs in Spanish
Practice stem-changing verbs
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