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HHHHHEEEELLLLOOOO!!!!!!!!  Welcome to dustins web page. That would be Dustin D. not to be confused with the other
lucky person to have my name Dustin G. or in that case Dustin J(the computer teacher). You know the longer i live the more i realize that there is a large amount of people gifted with my name. I know you most likely reached this page by mistake unless you are Miss Method. And if you do happen to be that person --- Hello Miss. I have some games for you to try at the bottom. They are rather chalenging for the mentally challenged. SO good luck.
And remember dont do drugs - because when you do drugs you become mentally chalenged and you wont be able to pass my wonderfull guiz's and games.
My Quia activities and quizzes
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Picture Perfect
my mini quiz over the house
Dustin's Spanish Quiz
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