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    Hi to all that are visiting my website, which is probably a total of one, maybe two. But that's ok, I know that I don't and won't visit anyone elses sites. Anywho, miss Method, you're an AWSOME teacher and I love you so so much. I really hope that you signed a conract for next year, at least until I graduate. Well, I want to see if you're really checking my website so I'm going to ask you a question and you answer me later. Do you remember Joe Nickastro? He used to work at Red's and since I work there now, he came in last week to visit and we talked about Highland's and he says that he remembers you. He dropped out of high school, but then he got his GED (Good Enough Diploma) and now he goes to Cullinary Art's Institute. He's working at a Hotel as a cook. So he's getting somewhere. But if you do remember him, tell me so cuz I wanna know. Anywho, I have to run, bye.
    Lova ya,          

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