Cherokee High School South
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My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 8
Ch 8 hangman
Ch 8 matching
Ch 8 Adjectives Fill in the Blanks
Ch 8 jeopardy
Ch 8 Adjectives
Ch 9 ser
Matching Flashcard Vocab Chapter 9
Hangman Chapter 9
Matching Professions Chapter 9
Fill in the Blanks Chapter 9
Battleship Chapter 9
Ch 9 Professions Game
Bullfighting Vocabulary
Bullfighting Jeopardy
Spain and Mexico jeopardy
España y México- Matching
Geography: Mexico & Spain
Ch. 10 Jeopardy
Conjugating -ER verbs
Fill in the Blanks Ch 10
Ch 10 Matching
-ER verbs and other vocab
-ER verb Quiz
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