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I am writing this because for a very long time people have been telling me to write something and not to just keep my web page boring. So here goes. I'm doing this page for Spanish. Spanish is the best. Spanish is a good language to know if you live in south Florida. Maybe one day I'll be able to totally understand what people are saying when they speak Spanish like at stores and stuff. And I could ease drop on conversations. That'll be cool. Ms. Method is the best. And if she's not the best she's pretty close. Ms. Method if you're reading this before I turn in my house project (which is already two days late) please be leniant. If you've already graded it please accidentaly give me a few extra points. I don't really have much to talk about. Not a whole lot of people talk to me. I'm pretty boring. I talk to my brother a lot. He has blue hair. I think he has some sort of a birth defect. He can consume a whole bottle of Flinstone vitamins in less then half an hour. And it's not one of those cheap small bottles that have like ten vitamins in them. It's those new big bottles with that girl dinosaur. You know Dino's girlfriend. Don't tell my mom though. She might get mad. She gets really worked up over things like that. I don't want her to cry and worry that my brother might overdose on Flinstone vitamins. I don't really think that's possible. Vitamins are supposed to be really good for you. You can't have too much of a good thing. But they put a lot of other stuff in those vitamins. I read the ingredients once and it was something like vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, B1, B2, B6, B13, B982, Yellow #9, Yellow Lake #9, Yellow Duck #9, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, small laboratory-raised flies with natural flavoring etc. I'm guessing that all has to be good for you. Flinstone Vitamin's are the number one choice of pediatricians and a registered trademark of Hanna-Barbera productions, Inc.  Yesterday I fell off my bed, so I just sat there in disgust for fifteen minutes. When I was little I wore Velcro Barbie shoes because I couldn't tie my laces and all of the other kids made fun of me. Everyone except for my best friend Randy. Randy was a boy. Randy moved away. I don't speak to Randy any more. I have a car. It's white. And it has four wheels. I was supposed to get a new car for my 17th birthday (which is in less than 4 months.... can't wait! I've never been 17 before) but I got into a tiny little accident and made the tiny little mistake of leaving the scene and my parents flipped out. They payed for the car to get fixed but they said I'm stuck with this stupid Nissan Maxima till I can prove to them that I'm more responsible. HA! My parents make me laugh. They're like forty years old but they swear they're cool. I was wondering if someone gets scared half to death twice what would happen? Has anyone ever wonderd what the guy who discovered where milk comes from was doing? And how did the numbers 7 and 9 get so important. When I say this I am referring to the phone because 7 and 9 have four letters while all the other numbers only get three. How is that fair? The number 1 doesn't get any, but who cares about 1. And why doesn't 0 get anything. I think the number 0 should get the letter O. That sounds fair to me. A snail has 25,000 microscopic teeth. A blue whale can go six months without eating. Well, now that I've talked about pretty much nothing and have totally gotten off the Spanish topic I think I'll go. Thank you for visiting my site. You can e-mail me by clicking at the top if you have any questions and remember always look both ways before crossing the street and be careful what you wish for.
My Interests
-I like boys
-I like Elmer’s glue
-I like music
-I like Ghostbusters
-I like cough drops
-I like yellow street lights, but it stinks, because they only last for a couple of seconds at a time.
-I like staring directly at the moon
-I like principals
-I like nap sacks (book bags) with little slots to hold your extra pens and pencils
-I like arbor day
-I like Victoria day
-I like old clothes
-I like having 4 wheels on my car
-I like guys who like girls who like guys
-I like guys who like me
-I like the fact that I have never used one of the F keys on my key board (F1, F2, etc..)
-I like the movie Clueless (best ever)
-I like people who tell me how it is straight up
-I like clothes that are washed with Snuggles
-I like food that is made with a mothers love (It always makes it taste better)
-I like to do math problems that make you carry the 0 - zero
-I like camp Anawana
-I like Tom Green
-I like how my cat has two eyes
-I like to travel on the Lackawanna Railroad
-I like neutrons over electrons, but not as much as protons
-I like This button ~
-I like High Fructose Corn Syrup and/or Sucrose
-I like double sided pencils
-I like my best FRIEND (I only like him as a friend)in the whole world, Brandon.
-I like Dustin G.
-I like Jay.
-I hate how life turns out ,but when life is good I like it.
That was dumb.
-I like how I responded about how dumb that I hate how life turns out up there. I think I handled that very well.
-I like people who don't have to be serious all the time. Like George Clooney on E.R.
-I like underwear
-I like the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)
-I like Florida, when I’m asleep.
-I like Twin Falls, Idaho - never been there.
-I like to laugh.
-I like mistaking planes for stars.
-I'm currently enjoying school
And last but definetly not least
-I like water.
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