spanish1stephaniev Stephanie
  (The Tru Thug!) for u Amber
Hey! Welcome to my web page, I hope you enjot it!

I would like to give some special shout outs to the following people:
        *~*~KT~*~* my BFF FOREVA!!.....always rember the hurricane!! never forget the RANDOM nights we have with RANDOM deerfield the time we went off roading :) HILARIOUS!!!..I love you girl!!
      *~*Sarah*~* ur the best!!.....all I would like to say is thats pretty O.O.C. "Out of Control!!!" :)...thanx for teaching me such a great saying, the deerfield boys really enjoy it! love u Sarah Page.....................
    *^*^Amy^*^* whats up girl.....never forget 2/8/01....we had the time of of lives!!....we r goin back!!.....after all we need some new rubber bands!! gave them to us not could u Amy I would like to leave u with this....HAVE A LITTLE FAITH!!...
    !*!*Amanda*!*! hey girl....u can't forget about 2/8/01 either!!....and i'm really looking forward to this summer and going to the condo in marco island!!! we r gonna have a blast!...
     %~%~%Amber%~%~% hello :)....i'll i gotta say is one of these days u better get ready, because i'm gonna turn u into a ghetto chick!! ryan) never forget the awesome adventure that we had when we went to that random party i let u drive my car!! prepared there will be may more ahead!....and thanx for gettin my back at midnight'm happy u were there because i know u would have jumped in if i had gotten into a fight!
    $~$~$~Marcus~$~$~$.....what up cuz!!! i wanna know is.....WHEN U GETTIN THAT TONGUE RING!!!

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