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and take it as you want to

My heart is broke, my will will is gone
Fell in love with a women named Babylon
She hook me to the gills all of her forbidden thrills
I call her baby for short then I ramble on
She'll forget about me, my soul is high, my mind is free
Met a shorty with some back call her destiny
She showed me all my fates, my stream of conscious   navigates, I orbit round the sun at high velocity
Dont forget about me, dont forget about sweet things
Wont you save my soul
Pretty lady, wont you take me home...tonight
My arms are heavy, my body's tense
Got the hot's for this honey named confidence
She points out all my flaws, breakin all her favorite laws,  Never speaks a word in my defense, Just forget about me,  My spirit's weak, my joy will die, got a thing for this trick said her names a lie, she controls me with her fear my prayers fall on a cold deaf ear, She says have a   good time and take your dive.
Just forget about me
Just forget about, sweet things, wont you save my soul
Pretty lady wont you take me home...tonight
I've got a Babylon Feeling
                        --White E. Ford


  " I might leave a little magic tonight cause to me imagination is the fabric of life"  -Last Emporer

  Peace to Joe and Josh,the two realist people i know
  stay real and forever love them new pizzles. Hey Josh
  when you get married me and joe will be there. one love 
"You never know what have till what you have is gone."

R.I.P. Big L, 2pac, Biggie, Lynn Strait,
  Freaky Tah, Kurt Cobian, and Brad Nowell.

  Your memories will live on forever through your music.

  "Awia and sony, Black and White i fit in all steorotypes"

  "To much of anytihng can make you an addict"

  "Where were you the day hip hop died is it to early to mourn is it to late to ride." Talib Kweli

  "Do I have to get naked for you to remember my name"
                                        --Lynn Strait
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try and not get hanged R.I.P. Big L
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