spanish2gonzalez Sra. Gonzalez
Grapevine High School Instructor of Spanish
Important Information for Parents/Guardians/Students for the New Six Weeks - beginning September 25, 2000. 1. Report Cards are given out on Thursday, September 29, during Sixth Period. 2. For the next two weeks, Spanish II classes will be working on verb review. Specifically, we have our MUCHOS VERBOS list, divided into four groups, which will be tested on four successive days (OJALA). We will be working to perfect our usage of the Present Tense (Indicative) Conjugations (that is, the -ar, -er, and -ir verbs with their respective endings). Also, we will be learning several more ways to talk about likes and dislikes (besides GUSTA). 3. Students should continue to keep up their CUADERNOS in good working order. As we move along, these accumulations of Notes, Vocabulary lists, Conversation Questions and Sopa de Letras will be a valuable resource. The CUADERNOS may be used at certain times for OPEN NOTEBOOK TESTS, and they should accompany the student to class every day (along with the Ven Conmigo textbook. 4. Projects for the six weeks will include an Autobiographical Poem and a Dia de los Muertos
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