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Thanks for visiting my web page! If you are interested in playing some spanish vocab games, go to the bottom where it says activities. I also have other spanish web sites near the bottom...don't forget to click on those!!! Have fun ;)

The BIG one!!!
Take this quiz to help you memorize the vocabulary of the family and salvation, verses of Romans Road, regular past tense verbs, and irregular past tense verbs. Go to "Quia Activities" and click on the "quiz on the past tense" key and to login type the session login name "big one". Good Luck!

I guess first I'll say "hi" to my friends:

Rebecca ~ buff, FUNNEY, go gators!!! fasty :) MASON!! you're the greatest ILY :) Amber, Brian, Wayne(SNATCHYSTIX), Matt S, Ryan J, Amy A, Kenny, JG, Caroline, Jessica & Dave, Meagan, Brittnye, Jess H, Jess L, Mary.
Love you all
MISS METHOD!!!!! ~ can't forget you!!! Thanks for everything, all the talks and hugs...I love you!!! xoxo 

If I'm forgetting anyone, sorry!

That's about all for now. Thanks for visiting my awesome page!! Cya 'round :)

                                        God Bless! ><>
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz on the PAST tense
Quiz yourself to see how well you know the past tense verbs.
the BIG ONE!!!
This quiz includes questions on....the vocabulary of the family and salvation, verses of Romans Road, regular past tense verbs, irregular past tense verbs. To take this QUIZ click on it and for the "quiz session login" name type "big one". Good Luck!
Jumbled los desportes
This is a good way to learn the vocabulary of sports.
VERBS!!! the infinitive game
Try to guess which infinitive is trying to be revealed...good for memorizing infinitives.
Adjective Game!
This is the game that will help you to remember the adjectives you have learned in the past..such as young, short, mean, lazy, handsome...and so on.
Quiz on PRESENT tense verbs!
This quiz is a good review to see how well you remember the verbs in the present tense.
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