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  We specialize in grooming pink poodles!

This is the countdown to the last day of school!

This is Holmes Jones' cool spanish website. It is now probably the coolest website you'll ever see!!! Beware, the sandpiper is watching you. - Favorite site of the famous Holmes Jones

Words Of Wisdom for the day
  • Never run with a running chainsaw.    
  • Never wrestle with a hungry mountain lion.    
  • If you happen to be blind, always have your guiding-eye-moose.    
  • Don't ever go snow skiing in your birthday suit!
  • Secrets don't make friends!

    The biography of Matt Strunker
       Many moons ago in a far away land a baby was born. His parents named him Strunker. He was born on the docks of Eerie Canal. As he grew, his parents allowed him to move away. He went on long journeys in search of cheese and pastrami. His feet led him to the land of Florida where he found cheese and lots and lots of pastrami. He settled in and began to get a lot of friends. Now he is the most popular guy you and i know.(yeah right!)

    The biography of Remmy the Red Head
       Not too long ago in a not so far away land, a red head was brought into this world in some strange third world country. He wasn't wanted at the time by his real parents so he was given to a pack of wild three toed sloths and he was raised by them for about fourteen years. Later on, his parents decided they might have some use for their son so they went in search for him in the jungles of the Indian plains of Ghandi the ruler of the indian plains. They found him and they brought him back to the states where they sent him to a quality institution where he attends to this day.

    The biography of Mason
       Mason. Poor, poor Mason. He was born in a snake pit in egypt because his parents were snake farmers. He was raised on the pyramids of the sahara because his parents thought it would be a "neat" experience. He became very sunburn and was fedex-ed to America where he was recieved by a lovely Hebrew family in Montana. He was then raised on Gefilte fish (a jewish favorite) and orange juice. He now attends HCA along with the rest of us.

    Silly laws in certain states
    Did you know that in some states it is illegal to ride with a Gorilla in the backseat of your car and it is also illegal in some states to frighten pigeons. In Alaska, it is against the law to push a moose out of a moving plane and it's against the law to feed that moose alcoholic beverages. In another state, if you happen to have a cat that is allowed to run loose at night, that cat must be fitted with a tail-light.

    I'd like to say hello to the sandpiper, Mr. Wisker-Biscuit, strunker, Hairy Legs, the red head guy, Batt Marker, Mason, RB, The peruvian Llama girl, The big Wray, Caroloon Aint, ghetto warrior, N.N., Jolly Man, Captain Stubings, the angry irish man, the doc, the fluffy goose, elmer, Rubin Dubin, my Mom, and anyone else that i forgot to mention.

    We specialize in grooming pink poodles!!! News: Brian Hauss is to be wedded to "Chuckles", the famous cross-dressing baboon. Breaking News: 14 Gorillas have just broken out of the Dreher Park Zoo in Palm Beach. Rin Tin Tin is at it again! For more information, call your local television stations or ask the doc (he knows everything!). Check out the new Disney movie, "Red-Heads and Cheese-Sticks," a spoof of the famous film "Bed-Knobs and Broom-Sticks" More news: RB ain't be whipped none! Scientists discover talking sheep: "Bah-Ram-You" said the sheep.
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