Spanish 7a
Carthage Middle School profesora de español
Bienvenidos a la clase de español siete
Welcome to 7th grade Spanish!

Mexican Hat Dance

Homework will be posted on the following site:

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During the school year, you can check this page for information about games and web sites to help you learn Spanish. You can also email me with questions, comments and suggestions by clicking on "send email to Señora" above. You can click on the games below to help you get started in Spanish.

You can access activities that go with our textbook by going to and typing in a Keyword as l isted in your book.
Ex.-Ch. 1 keyword is EXP1A CH1

What you will need for class

-a 3-ring binder
-1 set of 5 dividers
-blue or black ink pens or #2 pencils
-loose-leaf paper
-i bookcover, paper or cloth NOT plastic stick-on

Please have these things for the first day of class.
Thank you - Gracias

Spanish Club
If you are interested in joining Spanish club, see Mrs. Roberts in the 8th grade wing or Mrs. Cobb on the 7B team. Listen for announcements at the beginning of the year.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish Greetings
Beginning Spanish
Spanish hellos and good-byes
Spanish Culture
Spanish 7 Personal Identification 1
Spanish Numbers 0 - 30
Spanish number Hangman
Spanish Number Match
Days, Months in Spanish
Los Colores - (copy)
Spanish Classroom Expressions
Las Nacionalidades
Los Paises - Countries in Spanish
Spanish Personal ID - Looks
Spanish - Personal ID - Looks and Personality
Spanish Subject Pronouns
Spanish Information Question Words
Spanish Numbers 30-100
Spanish School Supplies - Matching
Spanish School Supplies - Hangman
NYS Spanish Proficiency - Education
Spanish - Tener Verb Chart
Spanish Verb chart -Tener
Spanish School Subjects - Matching - (copy)
Bienvenidos Capítulo 2 ¿Qué hora es? - (copy)
¿Qué hora es? - (copy)
Spanish Telling Time
Ser practice
NYS Spanish Proficiency Community 1
Ir - To go fill-ins
NYS Spanish Proficiency - Leisure
NYS Spanish Proficiency Physical Environment
NYS Spanish Proficiency - Family Life
NYS Spanish Proficiency - House and Home
Spanish Conjugate regular -ER/-IR verbs: leer, beber, comer, escribir, asistir (a), recibir. - (copy)
C4 AR verb conjugation - (copy)
Spanish Numbers 0-10
Spanish IR-to go
Spanish Colors
Spanish Numbers 0-20
Spanish Subject Pronouns
Ser = To Be
Spanish adjectives
Spanish Adjectives 1
NYS Spanish Proficiency-Earning A Living - (copy)
Exprésate Spanish 1 Chapter 1 Voc1A
Exprésate- Chapter 1 Vocab 1B
Exprésate 1: Geocultura-España
Exprésate 1: Capítulo 1a
Exprésate1: Capítulo 1b
Exprésate Spanish 1 Chapter 2 Vocabulary A
Expresate Spanish 1 Chapter 2B Vocabulary
Expresate I- Chapter 3A Vocabulary
Exprésate I - Chapter 3B Vocabulary
Tener, Exprésate 1, Ch. 4-1
Exprésate I Ch. 4-1 Vocabulary
Exprésate I, Ch. 4-2 Vocabulary
(5-1) los verbos e-->ie y o-->ue
Expresate 1: vocab 5.2-questions & answers
Expresate: Chapter 5.2 review
Expresate 1, Chapter 5.2 chores & prepostitions
Exprésate-6A Vocabulary (196-197)
Expresate 1: Geocultura 6- México
Exprésate 1: Geocultura-Puerto Rico
Expresate 1 - Classroom Expressions
Expresate 1 Ch. 1 Names
Expresate 1 - Ch.1 Greetings
Expresate 1 Ch 1 - Meeting Someone new
Expresate 1 Ch 1 Grammar act. 13-15
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