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This was the web page for the 7th grade assignments.  Now as you can see there aren't any assignments, but the games for the vocabulary can be played by clicking on the links below.  I hope they help.

My Quia activities and quizzes
¿Que te gusta hacer?
Vocab. Ch. 1 section 1 activities
¿Como eres?
Vocab. Ch 2 section 1 classes and supplies
¿Que clase tienes?
Vocab. Ch 2 section 2 time
¿Que hora es?
Chapter 2 section 2 vocab
Chapter 3
vocab. section 1 pg. 108-109
Chapter 3
vocab. section 2 pg. 116-117
¿Que te gusta comer?
Chapter 4 vocab. section 1
¿Tienes hambre?
Chapter 4 vocab. section 2
Chapter 5 vocabulary
Chapter 5 vocab
Capitulo 5
jeopardy type game for Chapter 5
Capitulo 5
Useful links
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