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Welcome to the Spanish II Help Site

Sitio de la revisión del español II creado por Charles Robinson III

In this site, you will find what Charles Robinson III has to offer with heliping his classmates succeed in Mrs. Creekmore's 4th mod Spanish II.  In this site, you will find some activities that will help you with your schoolwork, and will be a great review.   Please take the time to be able to complete most of these activities.  They will help you succeed in class!  Please feel free to send any of these activities to a vriend via email, if you want.  Once again, these activities will help you with your classwork!!!  Be sure to study well in class!!!

Thank you for visiting my Spanish II Help site.  Don't forget to bookmark this site by your browser.  Also, check out Mrs. Creekmore's Spanish II homepage for even more activities - - and even objectives!  Thank you.


Espanol II Countries and Capitals #1 (Unit One)
Espanol II Countries and Capitals #2 (Unit One)
Espanol II Cardinal Numbers and Numerals (Unit One)
Espanol II Months and Days #1 (Unit One)
Espanol II Months and Days #2 (Unit One)
Espanol II Interrogatives (Unit One)
Espanol II Subject Pronouns and Ser (Unit One)
Espanol II Ser and Estar Review (Unit One)
Espanol II -ar Verbs in Present Tense (Unit One)
Espanol II How to Answer Questions (Unit One)
Espanol II Vocabulary Subject Word Search (Unit One)
Espanol II Colors and Color Terms (Unit One)
Espanol II Goodbyes and Farewells (Unit One)

Espanol II Present Tense -AR verbs (Unit Two)
Espanol II Present Tense -ER and -IR verbs (Unit Two)
Espanol II Ser vs. Estar Review (Unit Two)
Espanol II Adjective Agreement Test/Quiz (Unit Two)
Espanol II Present Tense -AR verbs (Unit Two)
Espanol II Adjective Meaning Review (Unit Two)
Espanol II Adjectives Review with Ser (Unit Two)
Espanol II Five-Game Adjective Review (Unit Two)
Espanol II Make a Hotel Reservation (Unit Two)
Espanol II Transportation Vocabulary (Unit Two)
Espanol II Hotel Related Vocabulary (Unit Two)


CNN Online In Spanish
Weather Journal Information
More Weather Journal Information
Nice Mexico site with History and Geography
The Aztecs: Ancient Mexican Sub-Culture
Mexican Independence is September 15th

Espanol II Class Objectives List (Entire Year)
Espanol II Dialogue Quiz (Entire Year)
Espanol II Weekly Objectives List and some Activities

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