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27 de mayo de 1999

¡Hola clase!

I'm still not feeling well. Here's some important information for you.

1. These are the grammar points you will need to study for the final exam:
 Possessive Adjective
 Idioms with TENER
 Indirect Object Pronouns
 Demonstrative Adjectives
 Present Progressive
 Informal Commands
 Boot and Irregular Verbs: HACER, SALIR, PENSAR, PODER
 Preterite -AR, -ER, -IR, SER/IR, HACER (yo, tú, él)

Today I want you to do the following "QUIA ATIVITIES" (scroll down):

1. Idioms with TENER, do all four games

2. Demonstrative Adjective, Quiz, it doesn't count

3. Informal Commands, Quiz, same as above,

When you're done with these exercises, scroll down to "USEFUL LINKS". Click the web adress and conjugate 3 -AR verbs, 3 -ER verbs and 3 -IR verbs in the preterite. Then conjugate SER/IR.

Eso es todo,

Tarea para el lunes:

Write 8 sentences expressing what you did over Memorial weekend. Use the preterite, don't repeat verbs.

Buen fin de semana,

Señor Gómez
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Idioms with TENER
Demonstrative Adjectives
Mandatos Informales
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