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North Syracuse Jr. High spanish 8and 9 teacher
http://nscsd.k12.ny.usMrs. R. Breindel
Mrs. R. Breindel
Spanish 8 and 9 teacher 

North Syracuse Junior High
5353 W. Taft Road
North Syracuse
New York 13212
Phone: 452-3179
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Welcome to Spanish 9 class!

Some basic principles of operation:

   Preparation and courtesy

What you will need for this class for this year:

   1. -2 inch three ring binder
      -600 index cards, 3 by five
      -glue to paste pictures on some cards
      -"Paso a Paso 1" practice workbook, buy   it at the bookstore (Guard it            carefully, or you will have to buy a new one, no copies from the booklet are        allowed)
      -book cover to protect your book, NOT STICKY
      -A 3.5 inch diskette to copy hyperlinks for  Spanish practice
      -Colored pencils/art supplies to work on projects occasionally. It is not              necessary to bring them to class every day.

   2. Grading: Quizzes and tests count as 50% of the grade
               Participation in class is 25% of the grade
               Homework (properly done)is 25% of the grade

      There is no extra credit. The basic work is enough to get a good grade if      properly and timely done.

      Mrs.Bodily and I have created many, many games to help students succeed this year. To access all of them, click on the hyperlink under "Favorite links" below.

      Help sessions are to be announced, and will be conducted by assigned teachers once a week. For personal help come in to one of my study halls during your study halls or lunch. I will announce where and when they are.
      I'm looking forward to a great year with you! 

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