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The Heritage School, Spanish Dept. Maestra de español FS1
¡Hola clase de Español FS1!  
Here are some activities to practice Spanish vocabulary and verbs.  Be sure to follow all of the directions listed for the day.  Be sure to look for any reminders and homework assignments listed under the date.  Try your best to complete all of the activities and have fun!

Hoy es el martes, el 5 de diciembre 2000.
*Examencito #1 es el viernes, el 8 de diciembre 2000.*
Instucciones para hoy:
-Click on  La familia  and play all of the games in  this category.
- If you are done with this category and feel that you have mastered this information, then you can click on any of the other games on this page and practice the information from the last unit.
My Quia activities and quizzes
La familia
Students will work with the family members vocabulary.
La casa venezolana
Students will work with the house vocabulary; including the rooms and furniture.
La casa venezolana: la comida
Students will identify spanish food vocabulary.
Practice conjugating the verb comer (to eat).
Practice conjugating the verb estar (to be).
Practice conjugating the verb tener (to have).
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