spanishisfun Santiago
Willsboro Central School El hijo de Sra. Duso
Hola estudiantes!  Me llamo Santiago.  Soy el hijo de Senora Duso. 
I hope you will enjoy some of the games I have created using  your textbook "Spanish is Fun."

Adios,  Santiago Duso

Right now I have games for chapters 1 to 8.  Each week I will try to add a new chapter. 

Hasta luego!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish is Fun 1
vocabulary practice for chapter 1 of 5th & 6th grade textbook
Spanish is Fun: Cap. 2
vocabulary practice for chapter 2 of 5th & 6th grade text
Spanish is Fun: capítulo 3
vocabulary hangman for chapter 3
Spanish is Fun: capítulo 4
review the -ar verbs from chapter 4
Spanish is Fun: capítulo 5
Practice números with addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.
Spanish is Fun: Capitulos 6,7 & 8
Practice time, -er verbs & adjectives
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