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http://take a guess cause I don't know
Who wants to take Spanish? (I don't, but maybe ya'll do) Anyways, this has been an extra exciting year coming into the computer lab and using Quia as a study giude. Hope ya'll liked it just as much as I did. Have fun. Luv ya'll.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Animal Rama
Want to got to the zoo? Here's a hint of what ya'll will see.
Another Vocab List
Sounds boring (cause it is) but oh well. Try it. Ya'll might like it.
Lovely Vocab of the next Chapter
Hop you enjoy this as much as I have. (which isn't very much)
Months and Seasons of the Year
Take a wild guess at what this is about.
Vocab Again
Doesn't this sound SOOOO exciting.
Vocab Quiz
This is over all the words we've done so far.(it's not a quiz)
Vocab Words
Ya think this is over vocab words?
Another Lovely Vocab Quiz
Now it's time for quizzes!! Can't you just wait???
Anything You Can Guess Quiz
I'm have no idea what this will turn out to be. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
Quiz of a Lifetime
TAKE THIS AND PROBABLY DIE!!!! (not really, although I've never tried it)
guess what
Here's a private session for you. Have fun. (with Mr. Delarosa)
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