spanlang Sr. MacDonald
Carpinteria High School Spanish Teacher
Syllabus  2000-2001
Spanish One

Content-This is a full year course which introduces basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in Spanish.  Cultural themes are interlaced within the language acquisition process.  The course is taught almost entirely in Spanish.  English is used on occasion to explain grammatical concepts.

Standards-This class will emphasize the Estimated School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) of effective communication and quality production.  Students will be expected to speak, read, write, and listen reflectively and critically in Spanish.  Students will be also able to establish and use standards of quality in artistic, intellectual and physical work.  Students will be able to use the computer to assist them in quality production.  Students will also be expected to organize, analyze and access essential data.

A.  Grading procedure: The semester grade is obtained by combining the following elements:  Homework and         class participation=20% Tests, quizzes, and projects=80%
A semester exam will be given to students which will count approximately one-fourth of the total semester grade and will be used as a placement instrument for the following semester.  Students who do not attain a grade of "C" or better are not encouraged to continue with the second semester of Spanish 1, but instead advised to drop the class and try again the following academic year.

B.  Exams: Students may expect a test once a week.  A chapter exam will be given every three weeks.

C.  Homework: Homework will be assigned every night.  For most students the homework should average about one half-hour per night.  It is recommended that all students purchase a Spanish-English dictionary to use at home.

Assistance- Tuturing is available before or after school by appointment.  Computer work may be made up at this time in room G-8 and P-10.  Students and parents can also contact the teacher through the Internet at

A.  Make-up policy:  Students may only turn in late work for school authorized absences.  Students have as many days as they were absent to make up work.  It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements and set a time with the teacher for make-up exams.  Students are required to write the names and phone numbers of two students in their Spanish class to use as resources for missed homework assignments.

B.  Class rules-Examples of violations
1.  Respect others-Talking, throwing things,
not raising your hand, eating or drinking, gum chewing, not contributing to group work, etc.
2.  Respect yourself-Forget to bring books, pens and paper,not participating, being tardy and absent, etc.
Students who break these rules will be assigned detention.

Enrichment opportunities:
A.  Spanish Club (Meetings during lunch)
B.  Study/Travel abroad

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