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Welcome back to Spanish! I hope you all had a great holiday. Did anyone go to Spain ? I spent my holidays in the south of France and Spain, so I had a chance to speak a bit of French and Spanish. The year ahead is going to be brilliant. We're going to Spain in May and we will be doing loads of exciting stuff in lessons thanks to the SmartBoard which will be installed soon. I hope you can teach me a thing or two - I know some of you use I.T a lot more than me. We will be starting the GCSE course this year which is going to be a very exciting time for us all.I hope that the course will be fun as well as challenging.Get ahead with the games I have prepared for you on my site. They are very good for revision when you need to check up on anything. In any case have a look! Good Luck for the coming year..
Miss Mclaren
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