sparish Mr. Sparish
Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to the 2001-2002 School Year!

Our class will be exploring many new concepts this year!

I welcome: Stephanie C, Sam, Ian, Oceana, Mary Grace, Billy, Carl, Courtney, Adam, Jared, Alexis, Amy, Kimberlee, Dustin, Steven, Eric, Jamie, Chris, Matt, Whitley, and Stephanie W.

Special Days:
August 31    12:30 Dismissal
Sept 12      Open House

At this year's Open House I will give a 15 minute overview of Grade 5.  Everyone is welcome to come.  The presentation will be at 6:00 in my room.

Again Welcome

Mr. Sparish
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Earthquake Terror
Iditarod Dream Vocabulary
Earthquake Terror Vocabulary
Southern Colonies - Chapter 7
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