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Buenos dias, hola, Como estas? Good morning, Hi, How are you? I hope you are having a very restful long summer vacation and are ready to start a great new school year pretty soon. There have been many changes in our school, and I am trying to make the best of my summer time in improving my teaching techniques and update myself in the technology level to offer it back to you.  I have attended many classes, seminars, and workshops to be prepared for the upcoming school year.  
School supplies: notebook, textbook, workbook, pens, pencils, Spanish-only folder, pencils, pens, erasers,  your art supplies. Libros, cuadernos, lapices, plumas, articulos de arte, y libro de ejercicios.
In our daily routine, we enter our class prepared with textbooks, we stand up and pray in Spanish, we sit and we write the date, the daily weather, the temperature, the season,and how you feel today.
I am looking forward to see you in class with a great new attitude and ready to succeed this next school year. Arriba, arriba amigos!
1st. Grade: Unfortunately, within the changes the school is encountering, the first grade will not have Spanish this year.  I will,though, try my best to spare a few minutes of my time to stop by your class and review some of the basic things we learned and some of the songs.
2nd. Grade: The same as above for first grade.
3rd. Grade: The same as above for first grade.
4th. Grade:The same as above for first grade.
5th. Grade:The same as above for first grade.
6th.Grade: We are starting a big time review of all you learned in the previous years.  Then, we will add the new book and new lesson vocabulary. Conversational skills will be more enforced this year. Making up dialogs and learning dialogs by heart will be the most used daily.
7th.Grade: We will be learning "People in our community" and verbs related. You will have vocabulary tests out of the pictures from the textbook lessons.
8th. Grade: You will have a complete general review of all what you have learned so far.  Emphasis will be in the conversational part, and application of all the grammar.  We will add plenty of new vocabulary. We need to prepare since day one for our State proficiency. Debemos prepararnos para el Proficiency. You will have a wonderful, new edition book, very modern, and it has its own website- page for you to do homework or study for tests.
Escribeme si necesitas ayuda. You will have to catch me during my school hours for any extra help, because I will not be able to offer you after school hours, like always, due to my new schedule. 
Disfruta tu verano.Cuidate mucho!
Te vere pronto. Hasta la vista.

Senora Valdes
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