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Sonic's Partner Courtney #1
By: Master Gamer

Sonic, Tails and Robtnik are all trademarks of Service Games (SEGA of America). K.Rool, and Ganondorf are all trademarks of Nintendo of America (NOA).

This is my first attempt at writing a FanFic, so please don't take me too hard. I used a few Nintendo characters for bad guys ( since some Sonic bad guys I'm not too familiar with). I left Antoine out since I am not good at faking a French accent.

This is an edited version. The Uncensored version is at fanfiction.net

This is the first in my series of 50 (If I have a good responce, maybe a lot more!). Lastly please don't tell me my grammer stinks, because I know it.

Now, on with the "show"!

Courtney Followed a daily routine: get up, play Video Games, get a snack, go back to games, eat supper, practice fighting and go to bed.
By now you could probably guess that Courtney was a good fighter for being only 13 (Having practiced over 2,000 times). But Courtney wanted to know HOW good and she would soon find out o a very strange day...
Courtney woke up, stretched and got dressed in her favorite clothes: Black Jeans, a white shirt and a vest. Soon after, she sat down on her bed and put in her favorite game: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. She played for about an hour before getting sick of the game. She decided to put in Sonic Adventure; her second favorite game. She turned the power on, but the normal title screen didn’t appear. “Huh?” she asked as a very bright yellow light, brighter then the Sun appeared on the screen. She turned around, shielded her eyes and asked. “What the heck is going on here?” before everything went black.

Sonic was getting ready to take a run around the Great Forest when he seen a girl sprawled out on the ground 50 feet away.
“I’ve gotta help that girl!” Sonic naturally thought and was their in a flash, as if he had just teleported there. “Oh, man! She doesn’t look to good, I’d better juice her over to Quack’s like pronto!” Sonic Said to himself.
Quickly, Sonic ran over to Knothole Medical Center and rushed through the doors shouting “Yo! Quack! You in here?”
Dr. Quack came out of the doors and when he seen the girl Sonic had in his arms, got a shocked look on his face.
“Who the heck is that girl you’ve got in your arm’s there?” Dr. Quack asked.
“I dunno.” answered Sonic.
“Well, I’ll put her in room 1.” replied Quack. **********
Courtney groaned and opened her eyes. Everything was a blur and her head was pounding.
“Mom! I could really use some Dang Advil right now!” shouted Courtney. Dr. Quack and Sonic walked in the room.
“Girl, I don’t know who your mom is, but this Hospital has more then enough Advil.” Said Quack.
Courtney’s vision finally cleared, she looked in disbelief at the two figures standing before her and said
“Is it Halloween, or are you REALLY Dr. Quentin Quack and Sonic the Hedgehog?”
“We’re really them, but who are you and how do you know us?” questioned Sonic.
“I’m Courtney and I’m the number one Sonic game and show fan on Earth!” answered Courtney.
“Dunno what this ‘Earth’ place you talk about is, but if you’re feeling better we can go back to the hut.” said Sonic.
“You bet!” Courtney exclaimed. **********
Sonic stepped into the hut and called out
“Tails! Sally! Rotor! Bunnie! Come here!” Soon all four were by Sonic wondering what he wanted. “Guys, meet Courtney. Our newest friend.” Presented Sonic.
“Hi!” Everybody chorused.
Suddenly Nicole, Sally’s computer beeped. “Sally, Robotnik has teamed up with four others as evil as him to devise a secret weapon. Hurry to Robotropolis and bring backup!” announced Nicole. “Everyone but Rotor is going, O.K? O.K.” Said Sonic, and with that were off.

The first thing they saw in Robotnik’s fortress (Which was hidden in the depths of Robotropolis) was a SWATbot. But there was something different about this SWATbot. As Sonic was about to spin into a Sonic Spin dash, the SWATbot used a stun ray to stun Sonic. While Sonic was stunned Courtney ran up to the SWATbot and jump kicked it in the head, short-circuiting it. Sonic was back to normal and was shocked at what Courtney did.
“How did you do that?” asked Sonic.
“I have my ways.” replied Courtney.
The loudspeaker came on and Robotnik’s Psychotic voice came on.
“So you beat one of my new Super SWATbots! But you won’t kill me OR my partners.” Screamed Robotnik.
“Oh yes I will Robotnik replied Courtney. “We’ll see.” said Robotnik.
Just then knockout gas hissed out from above, within a few seconds they were all unconscious.
“Teleport now!” screamed Robotnik and Courtney and her friends were all in a cell together.
Meanwhile, Courtney, Sonic and their friends were all waking up. “I hope Robodip goes to hell someday.” Courtney angrily said.
“Me too.” added Sonic.
Just then Robotnik stepped in.
“Me and my partners want to have a little battle.”
challenged Robotnik.
“What kind of battle?” asked Tails.
“A final battle, a duel to the death.” answered Robotnik.
“You got it!” Sonic said.
“The battle will begin now!” declared Robotnik.
“Matchups are as is: Bunnie VS. Snively, Sally VS. Bowser, Tails VS. K.Rool, Courtney VS. Ganondorf and Sonic, you get me! Begin!” announced Robotnik.
Sally tried to punch Bowser’s Soft belly, but couldn’t. Bowser then used his Fire Breath, but only burnt Sally’s arm. “Ow!” Sally cried out in pain from the fire. When she was weakened, Bowser charged at her and knocked her out.
Meanwhile, Bunnie was fighting Snively; Robotnik’s needle-nosed nephew. Using her robotic limbs, she quickly killed him and went to Bowser, who in time was dead also. Tails was swinging his two tails around like crazy and eventually killed off K. Rool.
Courtney was fighting Ganondorf who had a sword, making things considerably tougher.
Courtney dodged and kicked Ganondorf, but was cut by his Sword. She fell to the ground in pain, pretending she was dead. Ganondorf was going to take one very slow, last swing. But Courtney gave an extremely quick back kick killing him. By now, all but Courtney and Sonic had collapsed from exhaustion and Robotnik was the only one left standing. Sonic was cut badly all over from Robotnik’s two swords. Seeing Sonic hurt, Courtney gathered up some strength then ran over to an unexpecting robotnik and High jump kicked him in the head, killing him. Blood covered the battlefield everywhere and Courtney knew her job wasn’t done yet, she still had to shut down Robotropolis’ generators. Courtney found the generators and shut them down, but she didn’t see the sign on the wall that read
“All who shut down the generators will be beaten!”. Courtney, not expecting this heard noises and thought to herself
“I thought I shut Robobutt's generators down!” “Ahhh!” Courtney screamed as she was thrown against the walls. Courtney staggered over to where the others were and collapsed unconscious. *********

Courtney groaned and opened her eyes. Instead of being in Robotropolis, she was at Knothole Medical Center. Every part of her body ached. She looked to her sides and saw all her friends to her sides lying weakly, but awake. Just then, Dr. Quack and Rotor walked in.
“How did I get here?” asked Courtney.
“Rotor seen you guys needed help, so he got me and we took the ambulance and brought you back here.” explained Dr. Quack.
“How is everybody else?” questioned Courtney.
“Everybody had at least a few cuts, scrapes, fatigue and a concussion. Sally Had a 3rd degree burn, Bunnie had nothing more then what I said, Sonic had some pretty deep cuts from Robotnik’s swords and about 50 other cuts, Tails was bit a few times and you had some pretty mean cuts as well.” said Quack.
“Oh! I forgot! You came here due to a one-of-a-kind bug. But I fixed it so you could go to the options and come anytime!” explained Rotor. “I’m going to send you back now. Bye Courtney!”
Then for Courtney, everything went dark.
Courtney’s body ached all over, but she still forced her eyes open, only to find herself in her local hospital with her mom directly over her.
“How did I get here mom?” Courtney weakly asked.
“I found you unconscious in your room and I brought you here because I was worried about you.” explained Courtney’s mom.
“Can I go home?” Courtney asked.
“Not for another week.” answered Courtney’s mom.

In a week Courtney got out of the hospital, but was bedridden for another week. She then continued to follow her daily routine. One day she was very bored and decided to kick some Robotic butt.


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