specialkids Mrs.West
Slaughter Elementary Special Ed. Consultant
Welcome to our Class!
We have all grade levels in our room, except Kindergarten, so we have a lot of variety in what we get to do all day!
The children come in at various times of the day to get help with the subjects that they have the most difficulty with.
There are three teachers in the class, Mrs. West is our Special Ed. Consultant, and Mrs. Brittain and Mrs. Love are aides in the room. We all get a lot of 'one-on-one' with the kids, and have really got to know them well.
We're reading the "Harry Potter" novels with the 3rd-5th Graders, they're pretty exciting books, and the kids really enjoy the antics of Harry.

We've been working hard on trying to get the kids ready for TAAS Benchmark tests, going over the basic techniques that TAAS testing uses.  We don't want them to get 'tripped up' by the various ways that TAAS word their questions, so we've really been going over them thoroughly.

In Math we're working on rounding, division and two digit by two digit multiplication.

After working hard and finishing their assignments, students are then able to use "free" time to work on computers in various different Math and Spelling programs. Word Bingo is an easy, fun and educational game to play, the students love it! If the students get their work done, (and do a good job!) we give them a 'star' on the chart each day, 10 stars gets the students rewards, so it is something that really
'helps' them with working hard in here!

We're now getting to the end of the school year, TAAS is almost over, and everyone is looking forward to the summer!
Some of our students will be moving on to Middle school and we will miss them! But we do look forward to the new school year and the new students we will be meeting.
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