spectrumgt Mr. Eveland
Pocahontas High School G/T facilitator
On this page you find information about upcoming events and projects.  Welcome aboard!

Challenge Projects are due by February 9, 2001!!!!


1.  All students must complete a project.

2.  The project must fit within a 4'X4' space and through a regular door.

3.  The project must complete three (3) UNIQUE tasks.  A ball simply rolling down a ramp is not a UNIQUE task.

4.  The project must be able to go through or complete steps A--M.  This amounts to 13 steps.  One cannot count the person setting the project in motion as a step.

5.  The project must be done during SPECTRUM time.

6.  Students or teams may have no outside assistance.

7.  It is preferred that "scrap" materials be used.

8.  This may be an individual project or a group project of no more than three people.  The group members must be in SPECTRUM together a minimum of 2 times per week and have plans for the 3rd time period.

9.  The project will be presented on "Challenge Night."

10.  The project target completion date is :   February 9, 2001

11.  Students should have some materials in class to start work no later than November 27, 2000.
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