speech Mrs. Olmo
James F. Murray Elem. & Alexander D. Sullivan Speech Therapist
Here are some of the speech and language activites I have done with my students. I hope you will enjoy them as much as my students have. :0)

SPEECH GAMES(these are some good games to reinforce placement)
    Hang Man
    20 Questions
    Mad Libs*
    Manilla Folder Activities(such as Speech Elephant).The
    students colors, cuts out and paste an elephant's head
    inside of a manilla folder.The also colors peanuts
    with their sound(s). Cut a hole out in the trunk
    and paste a small, brown paperbag on the back of
    folder.*Cut a hole in bag to match the hole in
    trunk before pasting. Feed the elephant a peanut  
    when the sound(s)are produced correctly.

*This is a good activity to reinfore usage of different grammar structures.
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